How do I connect Filo to my iPhone/iPad?

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open the Filo App
  3. Select ‘Add a Filo’
  4. Select the device you would like to add: Filo or Filo Tag
  5. Make sure that you activate the four permissions indicated in the ‘App Setup’ (All of them must be green in order for Filo to work properly) and then click ‘Continue’
  6. On the ‘Connect your Filo’ screen:
    • If you have a Filo: start by holding the button on your Filo down until you hear it ring
    • If you have a Filo Tag: Click the button on the device once and wait for the Filo Tag to ring
  7. Once you hear it ring click ‘Continue’
  8. If you are connecting to a Filo, wait for the App to send you a message for a Bluetooth Pairing Request and then select ‘Pair’
  9. Now assign a name and category to your Filo / Filo Tag
  10. Click on ‘Start using Filo’
  11. Click on the bell button to make your Filo / Filo Tag ring
  12. Press the button on your Filo or double click the button on your Filo Tag to make your iPhone or iPad ring!

 If you have successfully completed these steps to connect Filo to your phone, go ahead and start using it!

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